Yosemite National Park

    Considered to be one of the

    world's most beautiful valleys

 Haleakala National Park

    Island of Maui in Hawaii


 Grand Canyon National Park

    Most amazing canyon in the world


 Mauna Loa

    Volcanic peak on the Big Island

    of Hawaii.

 Mauna Kea

    Highest mountain in Hawaii and home of

    some of the world's largest observatories   

 Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

   Home of Kilauea Volcano continuously active since 1986

 Arches National Park

    Beautiful red rock formations


 Escalante National Monument

    One of the newest National Monuments


 Bryce Canyon

    Brightly colored Canyon in Utah


 Glacier National Park

    Spans the Montana, US and Alberta, Canada border


 Waterton Glacier, Banf,  Jasper



 Water Falls

    Various Water Falls



    Various flowers





 Bridges National Monument, Utah



 Rome, Italy

  Ancient Artifacts  


 Monument Valley

    Monument Valley is on the border of Arizona and Utah.  It is not a 

    national park, but belongs to the Navaho Indians.  

 Lucerne, Switzerland

    Lucernes' famous covered bridge.  


 Snow Scenes

    Grand Tetons National Park  


 Waimea Canyon on Kauai

   The Grand Canyon of the Pacific 



   Beach at Kalaupapa


 Na Pali Coast of Kauai

   Na Pali  Coast before sunrise 


 Scenic City

   Chattanooga, Tennessee

 New England Fall Colors

    Pond Near Sebago Lake

    State Park, Maine 

 Yellowstone National Park

   Old Faithful Geyser   

 Canyon De Chelly

   On the trail to White House ruins


 Page Arizona area

     Horseshoe bend of the Colorado


 Grand Tetons National park

 Grand Tetons across Schwabacker Landing    


Astronomy & weather images

 Conjunction of moon and Venus